Karen's Bio 

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Karen is a certified Yoga instructor who has been teaching in Cape May County for the past 25+ years and has taught in different local Yoga studios, health fitness centers, school systems, community organizations, etc.  She embraces the freedom of being a "Gypsy Yogini" .  She has a passion for Yoga and is grateful and honored for the opportunity to share her awareness on a personal basis in her local community.  She envisions her purpose as a teacher is to guide students to discover their own energy and personal freedom - to wake up what we have been given and to allow it to evolve.

Jai Bhagwan
We honor the light within you
Karen practices Ashtanga yoga.  This style of yoga is characterized by a focus on viysa, or a dynamic connecting posture, that creates a flow between the more static traditional yoga postures. The viysa 'flow' is a variant of the Sun Salutation. The whole practice is defined by a specific series of postures, always done in the same order, combined with specific breathing patterns (ujjy breathing).  She is experienced in all levels of the Ashtanga System of Yoga she also teaches Yoga Dance, Vinyasa Flow, Seniors, etc.  She has completed the Vinyasa Flow and Yoga Trance Dance Teacher trainings with Shiva Rea.  She has also had the honored privilege to study intensively and complete teacher training with David Swenson.  Karen has also received additional training from Yogi Shanti Desai, Krishna Das, and Doug Swenson, David Dorian Ross, Baron Baptiste, etc.